Monday, September 7, 2009

The Mayor's Office

Today, is our first work day in Dujiangyan city and our 3:30pm Government Leader's Meeting was at the Mayor's Office This meeting included participants from Dujiangyan Municipal Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and the Education Bureau. The CSC team requested I be their spokesperson and offer a brief speech. We have come to experience and learn much about the people, businesses and organizations of this area. What I described to Vice Mayor, Yan Daixiong, was IBM Corporate Service Corps' commitment to support social and economic growth and sustainability in Sichuan Province. I noted the great beauty, history and culture here. I spoke for the team in saying that although the devastation of the May 12th earthquake was great - the resilience, strong spirit and optimism found in the people of Dujiangyan is far, far greater. Today, our team joined Dujiangyan in the rebuilding of its city. This week, we will work closely with local businesses and Neusoft College. We will also donate teaching, funds and learning software to the students of Xiang Primary and Puyang Middle Schools.


  1. Wonderful message, Tamara. This sounds like it is going to be a very successful endeavor.
    Love, Karen

  2. Wow darling so proud of you! I have been reading all the posts
    and you know I wish I was there! Please more pictures!
    I want to see everything. I know you are going 100 miles an
    hour...and doing it with your style and grace. Miss you
    love much you ask? this much one handed
    we'll send more later...nice job Tamara