Monday, September 7, 2009


All over the world, governments are facing a critical need to address significant issues through greater collaboration with organizations, communities and each other. Chengdu is no exception. Chengdu Municipal Information Office is the government agency dedicated to the development of the city's eGovernment platform. (

Last week, we met with Chengdu Municipal Information Office and learned that the government is working hard to build citizen-centered experiences. The agency strives to connect people to programs based on their individual needs. There are challenges. They agency must transverse many government departments and processes as well as transform legacy infrastructure and resources. The agency also holds important goals in benefit of its citizens: transparency, privacy and democracy.

The Chengdu Municipal Information Office asked IBM CSC to help it achieve these goals and overcome these challenges. The ICT subteam (Alfred, YY and myself) conducted an exploration and developed recommendations based on IBM's experience in working with European governments to accomplish the same goals. We also presented focused methodologies that bridge the gap between business process and IT infrastructure. Applying IBM's experience and methodologies, we hope to see Chengdu continue to innovate its two-way communication and collaboration between government and citizen, business, department and employee.


  1. This is very much like the things we all want from our city government. The transparency issue is the toughest for most cities. There is a fine line between keeping the community informed and maintaining control of the city. I look forward to rerading about your progress. Love, Mom

  2. I just want to know, when will they will make you president of IBM?
    After everything I have read, I think you could handle the job honey.