Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another typical day

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In the past 24 hours I have:

1. fielded questions at a press conference
2. eaten a yummy Thai dinner
3. watched Chinese acrobats
4. sipped green tea
5. dodged the teahouse ear-cleaning man
6. seen Sichuan face-changing opera performers
7. danced on tables
8. played poker
9. taken a ride on the jam-packed city bus
10. shopped for Bright
11. visited the city's Chairman Mao statue
12. joined students on a trip to the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
13. had more than one tearful goodbye

Yep ... just another typical day in Chengdu. Now, the end is drawing near and I know I will be sad to see my team and new family depart.


  1. What an adventure this has been. I vote for you as "Diplomat of the Year"!
    Have safe travels home.
    Love, Karen

  2. I think you are having toooo much fun! Maybe I should go to work for IBM. Hugs, Elise

  3. How did you see Moa there? He's right here sleeping by my desk, snoring lightly
    I saw an Olive the other day she looked great getting filling out
    I told her what was going on and she was good with that...for the time being
    miss you